Don’t Let Wedding Planning Take Over Your Life (Or Kill Your Relationship)

It’s easy for wedding planning to take over your life.

There’s just so much to do that it can feel like it’s taking over every waking moment.

And it can really wreak havoc on your relationship.

I planned my wedding alone. My husband was in grad school at the time, and he could not handle taking on anything else. Plus, planning is not his strong suit, so I knew this would be MY job.

But … it’s hard to plan alone. There were many times when I just needed to ask him what he thought about something.

“How about this cake? How about this song for our first dance? Did you ask your friend if he’d be your Best Man? What’s your mom’s address?” and on, and on.

And since he was busy most of the time, the second he wasn’t doing anything, I bombarded him with wedding stuff.

It was awful. I felt like I wasn’t getting the support I needed. He felt like I was hounding him about the wedding all the time. And it got in the way of us just spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s like when couples only talk about what’s going on with their kids. Or finances. Or work. All relationship killers.

So … here’s what you do: Make a “wedding date.”

Set aside the same time every day or every week when you will work on wedding. Get it on the calendar. And then, don’t talk about your wedding any other time.

When we were in our busiest weeks of wedding planning, we decided that we’d have a daily check-in at 7 p.m. That was our “wedding date.” My husband would go to school and I’d do some planning and then at 7 p.m., I’d tell him what I’d done that day, get his opinion, ask him all the questions I needed to ask him and then 10 to 30 minutes later … we were done.

And then we wouldn’t talk about the wedding again until 7 p.m. the next day.

Isolating all our wedding talk to this 10 to 30-minute chunk every day helped us to feel as if our wedding wasn’t taking over our life. And it made my husband a lot less annoyed! 🙂

Give a try yourself—or let me know what’s worked for you!