The No Fuss Wedding is the brainchild of Kathleen McCann West.

When Kathleen planned her own wedding, she felt frustrated by the lack of a voice of reason within the wedding industry. She found few wedding websites that she identified with as a normal person planning a normal (i.e. not super expensive or complicated) wedding.

So, after the wedding came and went, she decided to help other brides and grooms plan an amazing wedding—without it taking over or ruining their lives.

Kathleen also has the unique experience of having been to many weddings as an outsider, working as a caterer and bartender. She’s seen it all—from casual board game weddings to college football-themed receptions to black tie galas.

Kathleen has also put her wedding knowledge to use while writing for The Knot.

When she’s not knee-deep in the world of weddings, Kathleen earns her living as a freelance copywriter and online marketer. She lives with her husband, pug and cat outside of Washington, D.C.

Contact Kathleen at nofusswedding@gmail.com.